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Illuminations Week

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on November 19, 2010 - 5:31pm

Saturday Nov. 13th my fan edition of Illuminations comes. I open it up and watch the DVD first thing, I want to get some of the history on how some of the songs were made before I listen to the CD. I love the behind the scenes explanations.

Monday Nov. 15th, DVR GMA and Ellen. So excited to get home from work and watch what song Josh did on each show. Thought GMA could have given him more time and more of a interview.

Tuesday Nov. 16th day off from work and my day to spend with my parents. When the pre sale was going on for the "Before We Begin" tickets, I didn't go in because my Dad is going thru Bladder Cancer and I wasn't sure if I could get away to any of the concerts. On Tuesday I take my Mom grocery shopping, a Target run, ect.... Tuesday is also the day may Dad has his chemo treatment. While out cheked out the Illuminations displays in the stores. See below......................
Lunch with them and back home. Illuminations in car CD player the whole day. Have to say, "Higher Window" on replay a lot.

Wed. Nov. 17th start work late. Home alone so Illuminations goes into home stereo full blast. Thinking of fellow GGW's in Chicago. Waiting for the updates and pictures.......... Then off to work.

Thursday Nov 18th awake 4:00 AM check Boards while Illuminations is playing on computer. Off to work, Illuminations in car CD player. Hit " Higher Window" to play. Love that song..............

Friday Nov 19th Awake 4:00 AM check Boards... Off to work......Home to watch Oprah, but Josh won't be on till Monday :(

Saturday Nov. 20th I will be at work again (Retail Business, we work Saturdays) But Illuminations will be on my mind.
As the song "Higher Window" Goes:

"and the music floats on the breeze bringing an easier time"......


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