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Bless Y'all

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on May 15, 2011 - 10:05am

There is power in the name so to speak and so I say it liberally to those I wish to bless in the name of Jesus Christ!

(Read only if you believe!)

Goals for the Grobanites...

1. Bless Josh Groban and family.
2 Bless all the Grobanites where they are and protection of their family.
3. Bless all financially who are involved in ministries, mentorship, family teaching, mission, good will, and support for Israel.
4. Bless allt he children and parents who are in hardship and open doors for them to achieve higher education and develop their hearts and minds to be in tuned to God's many graces with hope and love.
5. Bless all those who propels the Holy Spirit most especially the elders and that they be respected and loved by their families
6. The prayer of Jabez for those who wish to succeed in life carrying the armor of God's love and protection to all of mankind.
7. Bless all the people whose aim is to to promote unity among people with the love of the Lord and magnify the presence of the Holy Spirit to all!
8. Establish greater human understanding via communication, word knowledge of truth, devotion and love of the children to be first and foremost.
9. Every nation to come closer in the kowledge of the Lord through music that flows in our body to nurture our souls.
10. I pray healing upon a multitude of people through music, dance, arts, devotion, fellowship, love, compassion of believers in Jesus Christ. Those who wish to strengthen their love through faith and for the people of Israel to rejoice in the covenant of God with man.

Hefty prayers but all can be achieved.

States and cities I'm vigorously praying for Dallas, San Antonio, Wichita, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, etc.

I'll be following Josh concerts as he is very brave and determined. Many others will also follow but Josh you have the spirit..Je Ne Se Qua!!!

The magnitude of my love for people stretches beyond time and place as the Lord Himself declares His love for the Poeple around the world. The most difficult people are at times the greatest believers in the end. I pray for those who are in a state of rebellion, from broken families and those who are ill and sick.

This journal of prayer is simply a document of my very own love for the people who love music and devoted to the arts and to their family. Other than this are the moments I cried out in every church, home, car and room for the Love of God to shine thru in times of hardship. This is my testimony as I am granted the gift of praying. May all who read this page be annointed by heavenly touch of the Holy Spirit.

Many Blessings once again in Jesus Name...

Jacqueline V. Illera

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