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Rainy Sunday musings and considerations

judymcdermott's picture
on November 22, 2009 - 11:45am

So the Holidays approacheth. And here I sit, still worried about "the usual". Bills, rent, and for December an especial worry. Bag fees and shuttle money. My car won't make it to Charlotte and I have no boyfriend so its fork over $50.00 plus tip and then of course pay out money for the checked bag. Not to mention purchasing gifts. I have two already. One for Mom and one for my Stepfather. I have a few more to get. I hate the money crunch. At the same time this time of year I get really very homesick for my family. I'm alone in South Carolina familywise and its difficult to say the least. I want to move something awful but things always get thrown up in my way to keep me from packing up and heading north.

A short week this week is good. A nice long weekend will be great so I can rest and pray and maybe, get a few more gifts.

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