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lindyjean's picture
on March 6, 2010 - 4:46pm

i'm so bored with this website, i can't even begin to tell you! there is no one to blame--i think we're all a little tired of the monotony---so this isn't meant to point fingers, blame josh for not being more productive in a more timely manner, or to insinuate that you, my fellow FOJGers, are not good company and stellar wordsmiths. there is just nothing new to get excited about. i get more of josh on twitter, but don't feel the urge to get on the thread here about what he says, and try to dissect every word and random idea he tweets about.

so, until the American Idol thread heats up, i don't think i'll have much to contribute. i don't even enjoy the games anymore.....i'm thinking it's me........

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