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Josh is a real person

Lizzi58's picture
on October 11, 2010 - 5:28pm

Recently I had the experience of writing about the lyrics to a new song (written by Stevie Wonder) that Josh is singing on his new album. I don't like the religious lyrics and I was wondering why Josh would include a song that was so obviously Christian on an album for a general audience. Of course many people do like the lyrics-especially if they themselves are religious Christians. Josh himself can sing anything he wants! It's his album, his music, his career! He has every right to sing religious music and that is what I stated in my post. I just don't appreciate it since I am not a Christian. Well-you would have thought I was hatching a plot to deliver Josh Groban to the devil! It was an amazing experience-surreal. I didn't expect everyone to agree with me but I sure didn't expect the wrath of the Grobie Christians! They misread my intentions completely and then proceeded to attack me in posts with big, shiny,capital letters! There were probably 3 of them-the same ones who always posts who insulted me and expressed their intention of "protecting" Josh from people like me who are so "negative".They were sure to say that they were TRUE fans who REALLY loved Josh. And on it went. Need I elaborate on how much Josh's music means in my life and how much I truly admire and respect him as a loving ,generous person.I now have to interact with them on the boards and I must admit-I think they are scary. They were nuts about their protection of Josh from (yikes!!!!!!)me.It is so overboard and so juvenile as if Josh were some helpless baby or even scarier-as if he were more than a regular person and I better realize it! Their thinking is creepy and scary. Are other normal fans aware of this overboard"Josh is perfect" thinking? I have decided I will keep sharing my opinions and supporting Josh by being a real person and thinking of him as a real person. I hope the creepies leave me alone.

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