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Friday Night Blues*

melissadawn1031's picture
on May 28, 2010 - 7:10pm

Dear Josh,
Just sitting here bummed about not being able to work the I had problems with all the unknown faces and with what to say. I'm sorry, I thought it would be more like Ustream. I have a show on that channel. College Southern Student. I started it with high expectations of broadcasting every week and just talking about random things. But, I have only broadcasted 2 or 3 times. The first time was really funny though, I had a script that I made for myself, since from your first vlog you said you really should have a script or prop or someting. It's still posted on USTREAM.COM
You can also catch news from CBS on USTREAM and they let you chat while they are on the air. They don't normally take questions, but you can at least pick the brain of the other people online. I guess I thought that was what tonights thing was going to be, but I guessed wrong. I do have a puppet. His name is Alf. Do you remember that show? It's me, I'm famous :) NOT!
But, anyways, I guess I'm shoving off to bed so I can wake up and help my mom and dad in a yardsale tomorrow. I may get to starbucks if it isn't raining, but it is raining now. A great thunderstorm happened here :)
Hope you have a good Friday night in California.
Melissa Dawn Chalmers

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