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on August 31, 2010 - 2:58pm

Dear Josh,
You said to leave door open all day Sunday. No one came over. Such is life. You look like the leaning man in thermal view! I knew you would like it my dear. I like your glasses Josh. I like your smile. You are the most handsome man in the world!!! It is true. Ah yes, it is true. WOW

I am studying, eating, and then have class at 8pm. EST so, I just wanted to check in online while I had a break. I tried to sit outside, but it got pretty hot. I got the new shorts, and, well, I must say, they do at least fit :) We'll see if you like them. IF Of course! Thermal view, very militaristic. Very becoming.

Economics is a big subject. I was just imagining myself majoring in it. I have to delcare a major next semester. We'll see. My original major was Zoology. I was going to be a doctor. NOW, I DON"T KNOW NOW. Science seems as bad as learning a new language. I took Italian, and it is possible, but it is intense studying. Like playing the piano for some classical peice of music. You have to break it apart, memorize, memorize and then memorize again. Forwards and backwards, backwards and forwards. Spelling matches the equation, equations match a picture and then connect them all to the same thing. It is intense. And if no one else is interested or has the patience for it, it can turn into, well I have to yell at myself. I have to turn into a general, kind of militaristic. I really have to beat myself up to stay focused, but then I come out with complete memorization. Well, I have to think about it some more. I don't really know what to do. I could graduate in English, that is almost as intense though. Do I want to rememorize the periodic chart, the metric scale, the outline of a lab, ya know. I just don't know what I will choose. For now, I will just stick with these last 4 core classes. I have to decide in December, and then , I will stick with it. I'll have to, or I'll never graduate.

Well, I'm checking the time to be almost 6pm EST. I guess that means I need to go.


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