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Time Off

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on July 21, 2010 - 9:38pm

I am taking a couple of days off of work. I told our housekeeping staff and they almost fell on the floor.

I know my five days off in a row will be challenging and I am not in the mood for a challenge.

I took the THE TODDLER to the beach tonight. It was so beautiful and the water was warm for Lake Michigan. He put his face flat down in the sand and had sand all around his lips. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "I yant to yook yike a man." His "W" sounds like "Y". When I was laying down with him tonight before he got to sleep he said, "I can't find my penis." He says the funniest things.

When THE TODDLER and I were at the beach we watched THE BOY on his bike at the skate park. Very amazing. Scares me. No helmet. He said someone stole it at the skate park about a month ago. I told him that if it were on his head where it belonged it would not have been stolen. Somehow I think he is lying to me.

Speaking of THE BOY..............About a month ago THE MAN decided to clean his garage. Keep in mind that our two car garage was so full of stuff that the vehicles did not fit inside. I had it cleaned. Asked him to move his snowblower and ATV. He did not and it went downhill from there. So here we are two years later. Rather than ask me what I wanted him to do with my treasures that were strewn around the garage by him and his son or worth keeping, he either threw it in the garbage or tossed it in a trash can and piled stuff on top of it. I have to say I have never felt so violated in my life. I was almost over it UNTIL TONIGHT. A couple of years ago I bought a three mirror antique vanity that I planned on refinishing. One problem was that it smelled so I kept it in the garage to air out until I had time to paint it with Kilz. When I saw one of the drawers on the floor of the garage containing tools that belonged to THE BOY, I asked THE BOY where that drawer came from - I knew. He told me it came from his work bench. NOT!!! I asked him if he meant my antique vanity that has been in the garage. He of course said it was, but that it was his now because HIS FATHER drilled holes in it to attached his vice. OMG........My hair was on fire. I asked HIS DAUGHTER if she knew about what they did to my vanity. She said, with a light hearted smirk on her face, that it had been like that for about a month. It was her brother's new work bench. OMG.......I can't believe it. I am not only absolutely livid, but very hurt that my possessions mean nothing to them. They have absolutely no respect whatsoever.

So, I am not even totally in my big 5 days off yet and I am ready to smack them all.

I am going to bed. It is quite warm in the house, but beautiful outside. Oh yes, THE MAN found a bat flying in our bedroom and killed it. Great.

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