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Visit to the Zoo

Queen4JGro's picture
on October 2, 2010 - 9:04pm

As if my life isn't a zoo, I decided to visit a real zoo today with the kids. It is located in the country about one hour from where I live. I had to buy a bucket of food for $5.00. I love feeding the animals. The petting zoo has goats and chickens walking around. There is a pen with rabbits in it, but I could not get in there. I talked to the monkeys and the bears. A pair of geese came sqwaaakin at me so I had to feed them. Peacocks were walking all over. I had a nice conversation with a baby camel. Even got a kiss! The big excitement was feeding time. The owner was driving a forklift with a dairy cow hanging on the end. He carries his sharp knife and knife sharpener, wacks off a hunk of cow and throws it to the carnivours. Hide, hooves and all. I could seek the eye sockets where the head used to be. Ewwww. Whoops! Cow guts on the ground....just sweep some dirt over it with the forklift. The owner said in the winter he goes through five dairy cows a day. There are two dairy farms near his zoo; one with 4000 heads of cattle and one with 2000. He gets the cows that have broken legs or other problems from the farmers. It helps the farmers and he feeds his animals for free. Whoops! Another cow gut. Aww, just leave that one. It was quite an experience. Then for the grand feeding time. They brought out two hyeenas (I know this is not spelled correctly), a badger, lemure and a baby chimp. They waited for six years for an orphaned chimp. It is absolutely adorable. He said it will live with them for three years and get to about 250 pounds. Right now they feed it Enfamil and Gerber baby food. They will then put it in a special dome. He let visitors hold the baby after it was fed. I held back to let the others hold it. I will next time. The chimp just looked at him. He said, "That's okay. Daddy will hold you later tonight." He said chimps are more like people than we think they are. The chimp was dressed and wrapped in a Packer fleece blanket because it was cold. I skipped the reptile barn. I hate reptiles. They were giving kittens away. There must have been six of them. I could tell they all wanted me to take them home, but I just could not do it.

It was a typical fall day. Blue sky and sunshine painted a beautiful background for the fall leaves of red, orange and gold along with the green needles on the pine and evergreen trees. Then a black cloud came through and it rained for a few minutes. Then back to blue sky and sunshine. It was about 55 degrees today. The woods at the zoo smelled divine.

Tomorrow is already the end of a weekend. Packers play and I really should go to my parents house to watch the game. I have more fun. Also, dad would end up watching it by himself. Then I think I will take him to the chicken dinner at school. It is one of our big fund raisers for the year.

I went to a garage sale across the alley today. They had a Montgomery Wards from Chicago sales catalog from the 1920's. Most of all the pages are intact, but the cover and the first few 9 pages are missing. It is so awesome. I only paid $5.00 for it. I brought it to my parents and they really liked looking at it. There was a page or two that sold vehicles. On the bottom of one page it said "Don't get rid of your Ford today, make it into a truck!" Many of the clothes were made of wool. Work boots were $3.98 a pair. I will look at it more tomorrow if I can.

Well, it is time for bed.

Night nite!!!! Sweet dreams.


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