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Update I guess...

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on January 16, 2010 - 9:11am

Ok, so I haven't written here in oooh... Over a year I think? Wow! So many things happened since then! So to sum it all up somehow, started Uni, had a crush on this guy, flunked the year (one exam, 2 days before 2nd year was about to begin), this guy I had a crush on got a girlfriend, I was bummed out for a looooong time 'till...
Well, nothing spectacular happened. No, no one sweeped me off my feet, I didn't win the lottery or anything like that. Just good things started happening. From a song I loved being played on the radio, to Josh tweeting how he loved singing in Portugese or how his album would be a rainy day album (I just love those!)to maybe major things like going to a seminar. The first one was near the end of October, that was really cool. Really helped me put this guy behind me and really be happy for him, which I can honestly say that I am. She seems really nice and though she said that I can't sing high <_< (no comment on that one) she seems sweet and I really am happy for them. But the experience that really affected me was going to Warsaw near the end of November. That was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! 16 hours in the bus, and 4 days away from it all. Home, family, friends, everyone and it was awesome! I could really put things in perspective and it helped me so much! The lectures were interesting and though you know most of the things you hear there, it kinda helps to hear them again and in a different way, it just "fits" better in your head. The fact that I got to go to their Hard Rock Cafe and see Freddie Mercury's pants or Elvis' songlist or his shirt from the Jailhouse Rock video was just an added pleasure! I nearly fainted when I saw all of the memorabilia there, I know I'm a dork but like I care. Music rocks! Ha ha... I got a lot of nerve there too, I mean, I asked a guy to dance with me! Ok, it was the last night there, we were all dancing the Polonnaise and no one asked me to dance so I figuered: either I'll watch everyone else dancing and pine that I'm not with them or ask someone and dance too. So I asked a guy. I probably looked desperate (how wonderful I know- and I later noticed that the 2 flowers I had put in my hair as a joke during dinner were still there- ouch!)but in any case, we danced and had a small chat and he was really cute. He was the first person when we arrived and he approached me then so it seemed ok to ask him (not too humiliating). Yes, that was a big deal for me. The experiences I gained there, it's mid-January and I'm still thinking of it, so that should speak for itself how amazing it was. Then, I decided to put all my idealistic thoughts, hopes and dreams into action and firmly believe that the voice I have within me and have been trying to get out for well... most of my life, I finally will and that it will get me somewhere (a scholarship for LA for instance- how humble huh?)so I've been working hard on my singing. Not forcing it but also trying to see what's holding me back and working on that. I have no idea where it will lead me but I'm still gonna try and see. You live only once and this chance for dancing I am definitely not gonna miss!

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