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Can you believe this?

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on March 1, 2011 - 5:15pm

It almost seems crazy to admit this on Josh's web sight, but guess what? I'm not going to see him in concert this time. That's right. It's just not working out for me.

I planned our family vacation in June and that's exactly when he's going to be coming anywhere near me. We will both be in South Carolina at the same time, just at two opposite ends!

My heart is slightly pained over it. I just know how good he is live. He's incredible.

My year is full of my kids. I'm taking the back burner this time.

My daughter is going to take a trip to Israel with my parents in November. I agreed to pay for part of it.

Can you imagine walking where Jesus walked and being baptized where he was baptized? It brings Gods word alive to the Christian and I'm so excited to be able to let her go to the Holy Land.

Riley is going to 2 summer camps this year. Then he's going to the USS Yorktown in October in Charleston.

This doesn't mean we're over Josh, it just means I'll catch back up to you later, ok?

So, tomorrow when you all are biting your nails at the presales and hoping for front section tickets. I will think of you often and chuckle in remembrance of how I squee'd and called up my long distance grobanite friends and giggled like a school girl over getting awesome tickets to see a beautiful curly haired boy in concert.

Have fun and I hope you all get perfect seats....which in my opinion, is any seat within listening distance of the best voice of our time.

Much love and happiness to you all! <3

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