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Joshed in Charleston

Rileysmom's picture
on November 6, 2011 - 6:14pm

What a fun day I had last Tuesday, November 1st. After feeling like I would be unable to see Josh this tour, I managed to work it out when I saw he would be in Charleston. So I splurged for a good ticket....which meant I had to travel alone.
So alone I traveled. The drive through the mountains of North Carolina at sunrise with Josh singing in the background was breathtaking. My mom talked me through the last part of North Carolina, then into South Carolina. It was a fairly easy drive.
I was able to check into my hotel early, so I rested up, then headed for the meet and greet dinner we had before the show. There I met so many wonderful fans. It was just like family. We acted like we knew each other for years when we had only just met.
Josh's show was excellent even though word was that he was still recovering from illness..
I had fun touching Josh's hand as he walked up the aisle singing "You Are Loved". I managed to capture it on video! (I've since giggled over it several times.)
One of my favorite parts was when he chose Halley's text question then she got to sing with him. He also read littleredhair's text question. It felt like he was singing and talking to friends the whole evening.
I got up the next morning to a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. I couldn't stop eating the bacon!! It was so crispy. I also didn't take my special lanyard off until I had arrived home and greeted my son off the school bus at 3:00.
It was back to life as normal except I had a little more hop to my step as I finished off the week. ;)
Josh never fails to show me a wonderful time.

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