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Newness of Life

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on March 18, 2011 - 10:06pm

What a week...watching all the devastation in Japan. It's sort of weird going about life as usual here. I'm fussing at someone that doesn't merge properly while the other side of the world is being swept away by water. Perspective smack in the face.

We've had spring break all this week, so I took some time off with the kids. And trust me, it's been ALL about the kids. Trying to entertain 2 different ages 5 years apart is challenging.

I chuckled because when I was a kid and if we even HAD a spring break, it was just another week at our house. "Go outside and play honey." That's what we heard. It wasn't organize something with friends every day of the week so we could constantly be stimulated and entertained.
We do we do that with our kids? Sometimes I long for those simple times.

I was so upset a few weeks ago about my daughter making horrid grades. She has managed to bring them up to a point. She's still working on it. This has been a real lesson to her not to slack off in high school because it will get ya. My 71 year old dad has been tutoring her in math. He's brilliant and thank God for him. I think she will actually pass this year.

It's so beautiful right now in E. TN. I should be used to it after living in this state for over 30 years, but every spring I'm overwhelmed at the beauty that surrounds us. I just sit and stare. My soul takes a sigh of relief at the newness of the season.
You can't tell me there isn't a God and that all this is some beautiful coincidence. Even in the all the devastation of Japan I truly believe God is sovereign and in complete control. I was reading in Matthew 24:4. It's so interesting to see things happen in our world that coincide with the bible. Yeah, call me a's no big. I've had a life change in Him these past many months and I've not been the same. As much as I've always enjoyed Josh's music, he just doesn't seem to take a priority anymore. I've found Living water...and I'm not so thirsty anymore.

Much love <3

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