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Have You Found Your Light?

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on June 12, 2013 - 7:55pm

Right before Josh posted the new name of The Josh Groban Foundation, in the FOJG News, he texted me "have you found your light?" His alias', chat names, text and phone messages have always been so mysterious, but he always gave me obvious messages, so I couldn't really say, "it can't be so". I was working on intuition, mostly. A good lesson in never giving up, and knowing it is ok to try to be brave, and not always understand everything. The puzzle comes together piece by piece.
I thought it was so kind of Josh to change the name of the foundation, so it could go on forever. I am fond of my last name, and my son's last name would never be the same as Josh's. Our family will be an extended, and special one. I have 3 step-daughters, I adore, who love the arts too. There are so many who help, and we can all be part of the team. I love the thoughtful name that was chosen, and the colorful logo.
Josh kept stealing little bits of my heart, over the years, with his handsome self, his masterfully made music, his comedy, but most tenderly, his work to help bring opportunity to children, so they could enjoy the arts. In kindergarten, I used to pretend I was sick, so I could stay in and paint during recess. It was the only time it was allowed. Now Josh helps children of all ages engage in the arts. They can paint to their hearts content. When he spoke in front of congress, I could not believe how well spoken he was. I think my jaw probably hit the floor that day. I knew I loved this man, and I wanted to marry him. When I saw the paintbrush on his head...well I just fall more in love with him everyday. I am so grateful he is in my life. Look at those happy kids, young... and old? What beautiful smiles. Thanks for your gifts to The Find Your Light Foundation.



P.S. Thank you Josh. I love you so much.

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