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Exclusive Livestream photos posted!


  • Exclusive Livestream photos posted!

    Hey FOJG! We've added some exclusive photos from last night and this morning's Livestream rehearsals just for you. Go to the Photos tab to view! We will also share exclusive show photos with you after the show. Keep an eye out!

rachelB's picture
on June 27, 2020 - 11:21am

Hey FOJG! We've added some exclusive photos from last night and this morning's Livestream rehearsals just for you. Go to the Photos tab to view! We will also share exclusive show photos with you after the show. Keep an eye out!


murnie48's picture

I have not received my bundle yet? Has anyone else?

effie48154's picture

Anyone get their "Bundle" items yet? I have not received anything.

jgfan0504's picture

I didn't get anything yet either hoping they will send an email with the info and it should be 2-4 weeks after the concert not including the July 4th weekend

Ilovepixar's picture

Huge thanks to Josh Tariqh, Mark & the crew that brought us the wonderful livestream concert last night I felt like I was there (but without the tram ride home!). The music you played was eclectic and I loved it lots of my requests and some new ones

3 extraordinary musicians just performed in my bedroom it was truly wonderful & heartwarming lovely to hear some of my fave JG songs loved the covers especially If I Can’t Make You Love Me & Harvest Moon. Josh’s as always just wonderful, Tariqh and Mark’s skills are epic

Night Owl's picture

Thank You Rachel for Sharing these Photos Of Josh With Everyone! :)

I Loved Everything about the Concert , but there's Still Nothing like Seeing Josh Perform "Live" as his Aura and Energy fills the Venue as it's infectious.

This Was Great as I had been Disappointed When his Radio City Music Hall Shows that I had tickets to Were Canceled and then Postponed. Can Wait for them to Resume. Many Thanks again as Tariqh and Mark Were also incredible as Usual , Missed Seeing Tariqh's infectious Smile.

melissaal05's picture

I was not able to watch this live. I thought you had 2 days to watch it. I tried to watch it about 20 minutes ago & it said it expired? Does anybody know?

supermomma4's picture

The 48 hours it was available , with your ticket purchase, were over.
It was 48 hours from beginning of the livestream showing on Saturday.

MAF's picture

Thanks so much for posting these photos, Rachel! Much appreciated. The virtual concert was fabulous. Lots & lots of grobies want to know if this concert will be eventually downloadable or as a DVD.

Marie aka MAF

Ilovepixar's picture

Thanks for posting the great photos of this wonderful event. I am one of those grobies that hopes this will have a dvd release too.

lhquigley's picture

Josh, Having missed the NY show last week this was a welcomed unexpected event to tie me over til we meet again in April. Loved the performances, song requests and additional Neil Simon and Bonnie Raitt song. Tariqh and Mark were amazing. This happens to be the beginning of my staycation so I've watched/listened to the concert 6 times! Thanks for pulling this together for us. Very much appreciated. Stay well and stay safe. Louise

kevflaherty's picture

The livestream was perfect! I enjoyed the VIP with my mom in NY (Long Island) and I bought my sister a VIP "ticket" as well for her to watch in North Carolina. We had great food, wine, snacks, desserts, and after we played Animal Crossing!

Thank you so much for you and your wonderful musicians and crew for a wonderful event. Just let me know when I can buy tickets to the next one....

Joanne's picture

Thank you so much Josh, it was just wonderful. It was an emotional rollercoaster, everything was perfect. If only you could understand how much it meant to all of us, Joanne

AR's picture

Josh, un grand MERCI de France. C'était génial ! It has been a great opportunity for me to see you on stage live, at least.

toothdegay200's picture

I enjoyed the Livestream so much-Well done! The sound. lighting-all the technical aspects were excellent. Much better experience than I expected. I thought it was one of your best concerts so far. The choice of songs were great-just the right mix of old and new tunes. i appreciated that the fans had in[put on the songs that were sung. Tariqh and Mark were wonderful as always. Please do another livestream with the rest of the Groband. Have had tickets for LiveCasino Hanover MD and RCMH. Can't wait for these to happen, in the meantime these livestream concerts are almost like being there. Again thank you and all involved for this livestream experience-the opportunity to see it again over the next 48 hours is appreciated. My sister and I have only watched it 4 times-

jballenberg's picture

Josh, thank-you, so much, for doing this concert, I love the acoustic setting! It was wonderful and much needed during this crazy time. Looking forward to more!!

Shelley's picture

Thank you, Josh, for giving us the most incredible intimate concert experience! You sang all of my favorites, and as always, your music reminds me of how much beauty there is in this world...we need to be reminded right now... love you!

lovely's picture

Really enjoyed the concert can't wait for the next one

Brownclan's picture

Loved the concert on June 27th but would have really appreciated closed captions due to being hearing impaired! Please would you consider for next livestream concert?
Many Thanks

ButterflyTree's picture

‍♀️ Oh That is Soo Very Wonderful Many Many Many Thanks for Sharing This

Windy's picture

I’m so so happy for this live concert and for Josh(THE MUSTACHE LOOKS GREAT.) Thank you all for making this wonderful concert possible. From Miami

bjspawz's picture

AWESOME! Thank you so much for this livestream “personal” performance. I get so relaxed when I listen to you sing....all my worries go away and I can truly relax! Thank you for being so genuinely YOU! Now one day to see you in person...haven’t been able to do that yet? Love your beautiful music, your adorable personality and your soothing voice. THANK YOU

CASEY POLK's picture

Still can't get on site. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Casey Polk

jgfan0504's picture

that's cool rachelB I am hoping Josh got my question and I cant wait for this

DJ4JG's picture

Any announcement of the lucky few who may end up on screen with Josh to ask questions over video conference!

jgfan0504's picture

I hope to see that and I wish I was a part of that my heart is going nuts

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