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on October 8, 2019 - 5:03pm

Hi FOJG Members!

Please note that VIP is now available for both of Josh's Radio City shows with the Fan Club password FOJGRC19. Please use the links below to purchase (same links as before):

Feb 14th –

April 18th–

If anyone purchased a regular ticket because you didn't see VIP available, please reach out to CID's guest services team at and they can exchange out your tickets for VIP packages. Thank you and sorry for any confusion!


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Thank you Rachel.. My friend and I were on our tablets at the same time yesterday (10.00 AM EST). Her credit card would not go through. There was no place to put the FOJG presale code on either of our tablets. I finally found 2 great seats, but unfortunately they are labeled “platinum”. I spoke to Ticketmaster yesterday in hopes of exchanging them for similar seats with the Lounge Experience, but they were unable to do anything because of the “platinum “ status. I spoke with CID guest services today and they could upgrade to a M & G package for an added price, but not exchange them for the Lounge Experience, since the tickets I purchased were priced higher than Lounge Experience tickets.. I asked if I could keep my tickets and have a Lounge Experience included, but they were unable to do that.
Thank you again Rachel for your help. I had never dealt with “platinum” seats before. Hopefully I will be more cautious in the future in regards to purchasing tickets.

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Actually, the same thing happened to me and CID won’t do anything about it. When the CID link didn’t work, I tried TM. Went right through...row AAA for the price of an M&G so I bought two tickets. Well, they are NOT M&G tickets, (but are priced the same), CID will not upgrade or do anything. All they suggested was trying to get the tickets cancelled through TM and now that their link is working I could try again. Are you kidding me? I’ve been doing this for 15 years and it’s been bad before but this is the worst.

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I am the friend of TOBYG who just made the comment - what we wanted and what we got was two different things and by doing a Live Chat with Ticketmaster and a phone call to CID still no luck - Never, before has there been the disappointment in the process of ticket purchase like this time! I know you have been a longtime fan like myself and TOBYG, I recognize your board name!

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