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  • Josh's brand new PBS special "Josh Groban: An Evening of Harmony" premieres on PBS this weekend!

    Below is a list of the local air times in alphabetical order by state. Thank you for supporting your local PBS station!





  • Global superstar Josh Groban has released his brand new album, Harmony, today via Reprise Records. Harmony is available now HERE.


    With Harmony, Groban performs a collection of timeless songs along with two originals, showcasing the artist’s unparalleled vocal prowess. The record includes timeless classics such as “The Impossible Dream...

  • Today, Global superstar Josh Groban releases his version of the classic Kenny Loggins song, “Celebrate Me Home,” via Reprise Records. The song is off his forthcoming album, Harmony, out November 20th. The album is available for pre-order, and fans who pre-order the album will receive an instant grat download of “Celebrate Me Home,” along with the previously released “Impossible Dream.”


  • Thank you to everyone who tuned into Josh's "Greatest Broadway Songs" livestream! The replay is now available when you log in to your Tourgigs account on For those of you who had trouble logging in, we have extended the replay window to 9pm PDT this Monday Oct 5th so that everyone can watch and re-watch as many times as they like. Thank you again for watching!





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