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  • Josh will be appearing on American Idol on April 25. Please check your local Fox listings for specific times.

  • If you haven't heard today is Josh's big day. Along with everybody at WB we would like to wish him a Happy Birthday while he is rockin the stage in Canada.

  • As most of you may know over on were are running the biggest contest of the year, The Chance To Meet Josh. If you are an FOJG member we want to see your most creative version of the AWAKE album cover. Click HERE for official rules and to view our recent winners! So head over to! Now is as good a time as any to join.

  • Josh's Brand Spankin new video for February Song is now streaming on AOL music. Click Here to enjoy this beautiful video.

  • Do you want to spend Friday night with...Josh? If so tune into BBC Radio 2 this Friday Feb. 16th at 1930 (7:30 PM UK time). Click HERE for more info.


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