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  • Big Announcement! ‘Bridges Live: Madison Square Garden’ will be available on April 19th as a CD/DVD combo! The DVD features Josh's full Madison Square Garden show from the Bridges world tour, and the accompanying CD includes select tracks from the Madison Square Garden show PLUS an exclusive, never-before-released version of "She Moved Through The Fair" recorded live from Dublin!

    You can pre-order your copy at

  • Music has played such an important role on @SesameStreet for 50 years and I am thrilled to have been a part of that! Happy 50th anniversary! (Please excuse my Great Comet beard) #ThisIsMyStreet #heyfriend

  • Today is Josh’s birthday!! If you are looking for a way to celebrate, head over to the Halleck Vineyard site to purchase a bottle of the 2015 Find Your Light Pinot Noir, with all proceeds going to Josh’s Find Your Light Foundation! Cheers to supporting arts education in public schools

  • Josh’s 60-minute PBS special, Bridges in Concert from Madison Square Garden, premieres on PBS Monday March 4th 8-9:30pm ET and re-airs all through March! Go to, click on TV schedules, and search for “Josh Groban Bridges” for air date and time details.

  • In case you missed it, watch Josh perform "Bridge Over Troubled Water" & "Symphony" on SiriusXM's Backstage Blend!

    Josh Groban Performs "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Live at SiriusXM


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