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  • Watch Josh perform "It's Now Or Never" on NBC's Elvis All-Star Tribute! Link to the full show here.



    We apologize to all fans whose MSG movie screenings were cancelled due to weather. Check the details below to find your rescheduled screenings.


    Tues 2/19:

    Regal Shoppingtown Mall 14 - Syracuse, NY

    Regal Crossgates Mall 18 - Albany, NY

    ArtsQuest @ Steelstacks - Bethlehem, PA

    Mystic Luxury Cinema - Mystic, CT

    Pittsford Plaza 9 - Rochester, NY


    Tues 2/26:

    Washington Township Theatre - Washington Township...

  • This just in - Josh's Backstage Blend acoustic session premieres on SiriusXM's The Blend this Friday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, and you can tune into SiriusXM's The Blend all President's Day Weekend long to hear it again and again! Full broadcast schedule below:

    PREMIERE - Fri. Feb. 15th 8pm ET Sat. 2/16 Midnight, 9am & 10pm ET Sun. 2/17 Noon & 4pm ET Mon. 2/18 6am, 2pm ET

  • Last night, Josh stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a stunning performance of “River” and a special Valentine’s Day skit. Watch here and here!

  • Josh chatted with the fabulous ladies of The Talk and performed “Symphony” in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Watch Now! 


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