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  • Josh joined Apple and the US Marines at Apple Park headquarters to perform at their Toys for Tots holiday gift drive. We thank Tim Cook and the Apple Park team for their hospitality, as well as the US Marines and Toys for Tots Foundation for the wonderful work they do to put smiles on the faces of countless kids. It was a wonderful way to end the year. Happy Holidays!

  • Due to overwhelming demand, Josh just added a FOURTH show at Radio City Music Hall for September 26th!

    FOJG pre-sales tomorrow at 10am ET through Sunday at 10pm ET. If you're not a member yet, sign up at and check the news page for how to access the presale. 

    General onsale begins Monday at 12pm ET. See you there!

  • Hey Maryland fans - Josh is coming to the The Hall at Live! Casino & Hotel in Hanover on Thursday, April 16th!

    Members of the FOJG fan club will have access to an exclusive pre-sale starting tomorrow, Tues 11/19 at 10am ET. To join FOJG and access the exclusive code, click here. General onsales begin this Friday, 11/22 at 10am ET.

    Two VIP ticket options are also available for this show! To learn how you pair your...

  • Canada! Josh and his band are playing for you in Windsor on February 9th. Tickets and VIP packages go on sale this Saturday 10/26 at 10am. See you there!

  • Hey Florida fans! We know we missed you on the Bridges tour, so Josh is bringing some intimate shows to you this March! Tickets and VIP packages go on sale this Friday 10/25 at 10am local time. See you there!


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