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  • Canada! Josh and his band are playing for you in Windsor on February 9th. Tickets and VIP packages go on sale this Saturday 10/26 at 10am. See you there!

  • Hey Florida fans! We know we missed you on the Bridges tour, so Josh is bringing some intimate shows to you this March! Tickets and VIP packages go on sale this Friday 10/25 at 10am local time. See you there!

  • Due to overwhelming demand, the Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) has announced an additional show for Josh Groban’s forthcoming residency at New York’s iconic Radio City Music Hall! The residency was announced on Good Morning America and  Associated Press earlier this week and...

  • The word is out!! Josh Groban is the star of a new residency at New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall!

    Starting this Valentine’s Day, JOSH GROBAN’S GREAT BIG RADIO CITY SHOW invites you to join the Grammy®, Emmy® and Tony®-nominated superstar as he celebrates everything that makes Manhattan the entertainment capital of the world. Each performance of this once-in-a-lifetime production will be as unique as the Big Apple itself, with...

  • Over the weekend, Josh performed at Sarah McLachlan's Barefoot in the Backyard event in Vancouver, Canada. The annual benefit concert raises money to support the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which provides no-cost music education to underserved and at risk children and youth who face challenging cultural, social and economic circumstances, a cause that is also near and dear to Josh and his Find Your Light Foundation. Josh performed alongside McLachlan and Chris Martin of Coldplay...


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