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My father almost died.

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on November 4, 2003 - 9:06am

Sunday night, my father almost died...i should start at the beginning... Eight years ago, my father had lung cancer. He went into surgery and then he had radiotherapy. The doctor told him that he was cure....But last spring he went to the hospital because he couldn't breath well and after doing some tests they found something on his other lung...Further tests poved that the cancer was back. In august he started chimotherapy. But during the summer he started to have serious back pain. So more test and we leard that it was because of the cancer...In themean time, his corpuscles was too low, so they strop the chimo, and instead he has a few of radiotherapy for his back. When he went to see the doctor to see when he could begin the chimo again, the doctor that the chimo did nothing at all...instead the cancer keep spreading to his bone. He told him that he had 6 months to live. That was about 2 weeks ago. Saturday, we had dinner at my sister and we played cards. He was ok. When i call my mother on sunday, she told me that he had a cought and that he didn't sleep very well. So he sleep in the morning and then again in the afternoon. When he got up, he was worse, he was shaking to hard. So my mother called me to tell me that they were going to the hospital. I went to the hospital and then we had to wait while they took care of him. After a while the doctor talked to us and ask us what we wanted him to do. Treat him or give him something for the pain and let the nature do its thing. It was a total shock for my mother an I. We didn't know it was so bad...we were told he had 6 months, not a few weeks. Well, we told the doctor to treat him. I called my sister and told her to come to the hospital. He was in so much pain. His heart beated so fast and he wasn't breathing well. The doctor told us that he had a pneumonia. It got so worse that during the evening, 2 nurses and the doctor came back to talk again about the other option, witch was stoping all the treatments and giving him morphine to ease his pain. It was the hardest decision, but finally we told the doctor to stop treatments and give him morphine. At this point the doctor told us it could be a matter of hours of days he just couldn't say, so it would be better for us if we could get some sleep. When we left at midnight, he breathing was better and his heart beat was better also. So we left, not knowing if he would make it throught the night. Monday morning, i had to call my office to tell them that i couldn't word for a while so i went to the hospital around 9 am. I was expectiong the worse but i had a surprise father was awake and was speaking....He had breakfast and lunch and during the afternoon he was transfered to a room. The doctor went to see him. ...He told my father that everyone who treated him in the OR, tought we wouldn't make it throught the night. The doctor was very surprise to see my father especially after reading his medical dossier, he didn't think he would be talking to my father. That what happened it the last 2 was so hard to me because i tought he a few months not weeks. It was happening way to soon, but yesterday when i saw that my father was doing so well, i'm feeling a little better. I'm going to the hospital this afternoon so i should have more news because the doctor is suppose to see him today. As soon as i have some news, i'll write it in my journal.

I loved Hymne à L'Amour...Josh's accent is just so adorable. Have to go now....

I'm happy that my father is doing better, so that is why i choose the happy smiley for my mood.

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