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Late night thoughts...again

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on November 19, 2003 - 6:58pm

Almost 4 am and I should be fast asleep... but as you see, I am not.

I am in a funny mood tonight; I am so happy that I will get to see Josh sing live again. I am dreading the 6 hours bus trip to be able to go there. I miss David so much I couldn't keep up a chat tonight. I spent several hours chatting with a fantastic Grobanite that I love dearly. Don't think I would have made the night without that chat. Happy to see that I have shrunk from a European size 46 to a 38. That made me so happy, since I have been working so hard to loose weight and almost all my clothes are between 34 and 40 in size.

I am hoping my meds will kick in soon so I can get some sleep. I have been trying to find a chiropractor all evening, since I have a bad lock in my neck that gives me a head ache from hell.

Tomorow I have to do laundry, Jessika will fix my nails and we will try out different make ups (she is so much better then me on this feminine stuff....I am too much of a tomboy). I also need to empty my suitcase and fill it with the things I need during the weekend.

Oh, I did something totally insane today. I bought a miniskirt! Yepp...a MINI skirt. No bending dow there! It is about 10-12 inches long and along with the rest of my outfit, I must admit that I look great. It has been years since I was so happy and confident with how I look...and the fact that I can actually SAY it without feeling stupid or arrogant. I have worked hard to get here, and now that I am, I will enjoy it to the fullest!

I have to go and get tobacco tomorrow so I don't run out of smokes in Gothenburg. There are so many thoughts that are spinning in my head but I can't seem to catch one and deal with it. Guess I am about to get tired...finally.

I want to end this with saying THANK YOU to all of you that has always been supporting me! In no specific order; Nancy, Trish, Ro, Tomasso, Lizzie, Keren, Kristen, Turid, Musiclover2, Manon and Andrea. The list can get very long.
Thank you all for checking in on me from time to time and that you never give up on me. Your support means more then I will be able to express in words.

Josh and the music is what brought me here....but I must say that it is you guys that keeps me coming back again and again.

I haven't been able to write during the last couple of least not anything serious. I need new impulses so I think the trip will do me good.

Love you all so damn much.
No seizure after the one I had yesterday. That is a really good thing!!!!

Well, checking in to the chatroom to say hi before hitting the pillows.


3 days until Josh in Gothenburg. (well 2 if you don't count the day of the event!!!!)

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