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The High Never Goes Away!

vijaykumar's picture
on November 23, 2003 - 8:36am

I have written this in so many replies, I wanted to add it to my Journal...

To all those who may read this....

I had lunch with our wonderful Josh Groban over two years ago! Let me assure all those who have just met him, and all those who will be blessed to meet this great guy in the future....THE HIGH NEVER GOES AWAY! Or two years later and "I" certainly have never lost MINE!! Isn't that just the best news you've ever heard? :) I remember that wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience...just like it happened a few minutes ago!!! "OMJ" I'm "THUDDING"! And I'm a GRANDMA! Thanks Josh for making me feel like a giddy teenager again! You're the best! Yeeeeha! I LOVE IT!! :) (I'm also a Texan transplanted in Washington State right now).

I have met a few famous people in my lifetime, but those events have NEVER been the same as when I met Josh Groban! The only other person who has affected me like Josh was the soon to be elected President Eisenhower. We shared the same birthday (October 14) and when I was in the 5th grade I got to meet him on both our birthdays. When he became President he sent me birthday cards every year and two, personally signed Official Presidential Photographs. I have lost one through the years, but I do treasure the other one!

I have often "pondered" why my meeting President Eisenhower and Josh affected me differently than when I met the others? BECAUSE THE WERE "GENUINE"!! I finally figured that out! As I stated in my thread about my lunch with Josh...he is truly in awe of his sudden success and his "Grobanite Fans"! He stated that fact during our lunch together. He wasn't just "Out there doing his job and meeting people and signing autographs" like all the others. It wasn't a "Ho Hum"..."Let's get this over with" type feeling I got from the others! Even when he's a genuine "Glad to meet you" smile..not a POSED one! Here I go thudding again! :)

And if you don't have a camera when you meet this remarkable young man...don't fret! As I stated earlier, I lost one of my treasured do get lost, sometimes stolen, sometimes they fade,...but the joy and love you carry deep in your heart is a "constant" and will always be with you every second of every day! :) :)

My wish for you all is that you get to meet this remarkable young man...then you'll KNOW exactly what I'm talking about!

Love to you all....Ginger

"Finally a beautiful person, with a beautiful voice, singing beautiful music, filled with beautiful lyrics! Thanks Josh! What a breath of "Fresh Air"!...Ginger, the Grobanite Grandma

Keep "Spreading the Josh" and "Spreading the Joy"! :) :)

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