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Santa Clause Lives at MY HOUSE!! HO! HO! HO!

vijaykumar's picture
on December 6, 2003 - 6:31am

I was talking to my son yesterday and he said he wanted "Pap Pa" to call Myndi...our little granddaughter in Fort Worth, TX...and pretend to be Santa! My husband has a rather deep voice anyway...and he can sound just like Santa...and "HO, HO, HO's" like you wouldn't believe! (In fact, we go on the Argosy Cruise Lines "Christmas Ship Parade" that takes place on Lake Union and Lake Washington in Seattle, just about every year...and Wally won the "HO, HO, HO Contest" they had one year. ) Ooops! Off the subject.....

Well, when Wally got home from work I had him call Myndi. It was wonderful! She was sooooo excited! When Wally said "This is Santa"...Myndi said, "Ohhhh yes! I've been trying to get a'hold of you!" They talked a long time...Myndi is a little "talker" anyway...ha ha :) When he got off the phone, I called my daughter in Austin, TX and told her "Santa" was fixing to call our youngest grandchild, Keelin! She loved Wally calls Keelin. Hadn't even gotten the phone hung up until it was ringing again and it was Keelin calling to tell us that "Santa Clause had just called HIM!" He was so excited I could hardly understand what he was saying...IT WAS WONDERFUL! I'm so glad my son, Lynn, had that wonderful idea!

It doesn't stop here either. Mac, my daughter, calls back later and says, "Mom, there are lots of little kids who are going to want to talk to Santa, because Keelin is already telling his dad all the friends he's going to tell tomorrow about Santa calling him! I said, "Bring 'em on!" I have a feeling our phone will be quite busy today with phone messages for Santa! Better have my paper, pen and pencil ready to write down names, phone numbers, etc...I've even thought of some little ones here in Washington who will probably get a call from Santa Clause, too!

I think there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than seeing the total joy and wonder of little ones at Christmas!! As Josh sings...."this is my time of the year"!

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