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Famous People, Cont'd...President Eisenhower

vijaykumar's picture
on December 6, 2003 - 7:00am

When I was in the fifth grade, "General" Eisenhower was campaigning for the Presidency. My mom was in charge of the Republican Party Campaign for Eisenhower in Levelland, TX. On October 14th Eisenhower was making a campaign stop in Lubbock (30 miles from Levelland) on his way to his birthday dinner, and party, in San Antonio. My mother wanted to go "see" him, and hear his speech in Lubbock. So, since Eisenhower and I shared the same birthday...and it was ON our Birthday... mom took me out of school to go to Lubbock with her!

Well, "fate was smiling on us that day", because the Levelland Sheriff's Posse were the ones "Guarding Eisenhower". Naturally everyone in the Sheriff's Posse knew mom and when the Sheriff saw us he came over...winked at mom...and said, "Virginia Ann, why aren't you in school today?" When he found out it was MY birthday too, he said, "Well, come on with me!". He took us STRAIGHT TO GENERAL EISENHOWER, who was absolutely the most wonderful, gracious, man I had ever met! He totally just stopped everything (he hadn't started his speech of course, but he was on his way) took my hand and said how great it was we were both having a birthday today and he'd love to take me to San Antonio with him to share his birthday cake! He took soooo much time to visit and talk to me and my mom. Mom was totally blown away! If she hadn't been an Eisenhower Fan already...she surely would have been by the time he was through talking to us!! As I said in my Post, "The High Never Goes Away" President Eisenhower was so genuine, and kind, and I have "loved" him ever since!

After he was elected President, he sent me birthday cards every year for several years, and I got two personally autographed "Official Presidential Photographs"...but one has gotten lost through the years. I do treasure the one I still have! It's framed along with some of the newspaper articles written about me when I would get something PERSONALLY from "THE PRESIDENT" of the United States of America"!!!

What special, special, memories I have! Thank you God!

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