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Stuck on the shower thing!

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on January 14, 2004 - 6:58pm

I'm still stuck on the whole shower image! I've put off posting my "date" in the "Daddy" thread because I really don't think I can do it without turning it into erotica - soft porn!! Someone asked if I would write a story like that so they could insert their name in and go with it. It sounds like a fun idea and I probably could write a tantalizing tale. The thing is, how would the moderators take it? I know Josh never reads this stuff so I don't have to consider that aspect. But what about the moderators. I can't help thinking about what happened at, when they deleted the OP thread. Someone complained to the moderators that the thread was full of soft porn because of Peggy's stories. Nothing was said to any of the participants, they just arrived in Grobania to find the thread missing. No explanation was ever given. I wouldn't mind if that happened; you know, they just delete my stuff. I would hate to be reprimanded or worse - kicked out! I know how they handle things on the ezboard but this is a new ball park here. I'd like to test the waters but at the same time I don't want to cause any trouble.

The dates on "Daddy" are going well. I have been whipping up a somewhat tantalizing tale. I'm still considering how far to take it. I want to push it. You know, make it really worth reading. I decided to step aside and let June go ahead. She's been waiting longer and I am still trying to decide what will come next.

Apparently they are going to include the dates in a fan package to Josh. All of the dates that are posted by 1/22 will be included. If June doesn't take to long, mine will probably be included as well. I wonder if he will read them. I wonder if he will think we are completely nuts. I figure that even if he does read them, he will never know who I am and even if by some miracle, I were able to meet him after a performance or something, he would never know who I was or even remember the name of the slob who wrote the most perverted date!lol

And on to that shower thing:
Picture hot water and a steamy bathroom. Soap being lathered over his chest - that dark mat of hair all sudsy. His hands continue moving the soap over his smooth skin, accross the shoulders and neck, down his arms, across his chest, moving lower and lower...
The water follows. Rinsing the soap off. It slides down his body. His skin glistening in the water...

I'll stop there. It's too delicious to consider the towel yet!

I really hope I can't get kick out for this misbehavior!

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