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Ah Life

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on March 1, 2004 - 4:13pm

Again so much time has passed since I have written here. I seem to come to vent my ills and sadnesses.

But today I was so happy to see that my journal was selected as one of five top journals. Thank You FoJG Mods.

I continue with my treatments and medications which make me so sick. I have made a testimony that I shall not post my ills on the Prayer Line for the season of Lent. I shall pray for others and not ask for any for myself. It is helping others, I beleive, that I shall be healed.

On Feb. 19th I had the miracle of my life come to pass. Nanapati - my guardian angel had been working so hard to arrange for me to meet with Mr. Groban after his Toronto Concert. And the night before I received a lovely email from Lynne saying that two passes will be at the will calll window.

This was such a blessing. I would have the honour of letting Josh know just what he has done for me.

The concert was magnificent. Josh more than Raised Us Up. There were so many tears, mine included. I sobbed as I listened to To Where You Are. Josh was so gentle and seemed larger than life on stage. I know that this gentleman is far beyond his tender age of 23. His soul has traversed the ages before coming into this lovely body it now possesses. The scrims were beautifully appointed and the crying violin of Lucia completed the most magnificent mood. The band, orchestra and the students that joined Josh for You Raise Me Up were all from the heavens. Although it was mentioned that it was the choir from the University of Toronto, it was in fact The Etobicoke School For The Arts where my daughter graduated from last year. You can imagine her tears as she saw her school friends on stage with josh.

After the show the tiny body entered the room. Tiny but larger than life. I couln not resist putting my arms around him and proclaiming "Thank You for saving my life". He was taken aback. I explained that I listened to his music constantly especially when receiving treatment. It helped diminish my pain. He was so gracious and delightful and happily signed my program and posed for pictures with myself and then my daughter Alana.

For this beautiful miracle I thank Mr. Foster and Mr. Di Carlo, Lynne and of course Josh. And that very special lady - my own guardian angel who never gave up her quest in getting me to see Josh.

I now will continue my treatments untill the end of March and hope for the best. I know that with the help of my darling friends on the Prayer Thread and the voice of our Angel, Josh, I will beat this Aplastic Anemia and will survive. I can't wait until the day arrives when I can finally post "I am well"! What a miracle that will be.

Thank you again for this little space I have been given to write my thoughts and feelings.

I bless Josh for being in this world and for giving us so much hope.

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