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Bonjourno (good morning in Italian)

vijaykumar's picture
on July 4, 2004 - 8:14am

Rachael's asleep upstairs as I write... and I'm in an extremely thoughtful mood. Almost finished with Riven for the second time now... I actually did the wrong endgame, but I had saved it before and I went back. Anywho... I almost fell asleep this morning during the service. Rachie's Episcopalian, so when they go to the Chapel, so do I. I actually like it quite a bit. I still haven't decided what religion I feel most comftorable with is yet. In any case, I don't particuarlly like their priest. He's a bit... preachy. I mean, that's one of the great differences that's supposed to exist between the Catholic/Anglican faith and the Baptist/Church of Christ/Luthern/etc denominations, right?

Perhaps I'm just too critiical. It's quite possible since I'm so self-critical that I've begun to project it on others. Happy 4th of July, btw!!!

adios & all my love,
johanna (jack's alter ego)

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