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The way you do buisness

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on September 17, 2004 - 7:39pm

Dear Josh - I have been wanting to write another letter to you all week, but the busyness of being a preschool and a graduate student in theology, has made my time SUPER TIGHT. So I am stealing a few moments to do this as I fight off fatigue from the stressful week that I have completed.

I tbought of you a few days ago as I was listening to the Glenn Beck Program - a nation wide conservative radio talk show. Glenn Beck, the host, has a WICKED SENSE OF HUMOR. He makes me laugh so hard that my sides want to split. But on this particular day, when I thought of you, Glenn was commenting on how Oprah Winfrey opened her 19th season. As you probably know she gave everyone in her audience a BRAND NEW CAR. She did not do this because she was generous. Through her website, she collected THOUSANDS of letters from people who needed a new car or knew someone who did. Then she invitied many of those she heard about to her show, and at the end of the show she surprised them with a new car.

Glenn Beck commented for quite a while on how Oprah does buisness. He stated that she is a business woman who knows how to make money from doing good. Glenn Beck said that there were three ways buisnesses could make money. One is by stepping on people, the second is by doing good, and the third is doing your job daily. He felt strongly tha Oprah really has mastered the concept of making money by doing good and that Glenn really admired her for that.

Why his long comments made me think of you, is that I would like to think that you too are learning to promote yourself by doing good. I have read some stories on you have done that on this website. I also remember the concert at Darien Lake where you made a special effort to greet the fans on the lawn, and how you introduced those who were traveling and performing with you as your "best friends." When I look at the program I purchased from that concert, there is a genuine sense of happiness amongst those who work and travel with you, and even you yourself seem very happy. I like to think that this happiness comes from the fact that you treat your band very well and they know and appreciate that. I like to think that like Oprah, you too are building your empire by doing good for others. If I am correct, Josh, that is another amazing gift you give to the world. Those who have been touched by your generosity must really appreciate it. I hope that you will continue to do that as your path to stardom rises higher and higher.

As a lowly preschool teacher, I try to do the same thing for those who work closest to me. It has always promoted positive relations between myself as teacher and those who have been my aides. It costs a little but the fruit that it produces is so worth it. The peace in my classroom and the friendship that develops between myself and my aide is an experience that I would never trade for the world. I am sure that you must be feeling the same way as you travel with your band during this super exciting time in your life. I hope that doing things for others will prosper you, but more importantly, I hope that it will help you to come to know how truly blessed you are because you are VERY, VERY BLESSED.

Well that is all I will say for now because I am so very tired. Good night Josh, whereever you are. May you continue to prosper even as your soul prospers.


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