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on April 16, 2005 - 1:27am

I turned down a free trip to Vegas to see Josh from some wonderful Grobie friends. How could I have been such a fool you ask? It all comes down to family. I had just found out that my 6 yr old niece was going to have some heart surgery. Well of course I want to be there for it. And my sis needs me to be there to help with the other 3 grndchildren she has so I can help care for them whil Lacey is in the hospital. So, I turned down the trip to allow me to work some overtime at work to help pay for this trip. And anymore to come. I will be leving May 23rd to be with her about a week before her surgery. Then will be there another 2 weeks to help with the other kids. Do I regret not being with my friends in Vegas? Sure I do. It would have been a ball! Do I regret saying no, so I could be here to work the OT I needed for the trip to be with her? No. How could I? I have $1500 put back now for the trip. That will take care of my flight and rental car while I'm there. All other expenses will come out of my pocket, unless I work more OT to pay for those expenses too.
I don't know wy I am writing all this. I just am. I'll have Josh with me though. At Christmas I sent my 3 yr old niece a copy of LATG. She wuvs Josh Gwoban! So, I can watch it anytime I need a boost. :-)
OK. That's all for now.
Pray for my niece if yoy read this. Her name is Lacey and her surgery is June 2nd.

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