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My Father

suzypooh's picture
on June 12, 2005 - 8:35am

I just realized that Father's day is fast approaching and that my Father was killed in a car accident 20 years ago this June on Father's day. My best friend's father who was like an adoptive father for me also died a few years later also in June. This is a hard time of remembrance for me- These men were very meaningful to me and I honestly don't think they were ever really aware of how much they mean't to me. Sometimes I wish I had an on/off switch to my emotions- Why didn't God provide us with that? It would have been nice at times like these. I will light the candles of remembrance in their honor. It helps to remember and grieve the ones we have lost, even though it still hurts even after years have gone by- it just seems to hit you all at one time and becomes overwelming. Then just as fast as it comes, it goes again and life moves on as before. Its kind of amazing the way that happens - how we can just move on without them. It is also amazing how all the bad stuff fades away and only the good stuff remains. The happy times, the fun times. That is truely a gift from God in a way; especially if a lot of it was bad-

People die, dreams die, but life still goes on no matter what happens. That is a constant we can be assured of and in some strange way that brings comfort.

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