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7/13/05 Practice!

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on July 13, 2005 - 8:16am

I practiced today! Yea for me! I can't ever decide when something is good enough to go on to the next thing. I am revisiting Ferling Studies that I did in college Freshman year, just to get back into it. I'm going to try to get everything up to the tempo marked. I got 1. up to 92. Not entirely happy with vibrato, but I think it's good enough. 2. needs to go a little faster in spots. I hate the metronome! Started on Bach Violoncello Suite I. Tricky at end of first movement with new mouthpiece. But then again, it is always tricky to slur from high F down to G.

Piano: finally got Hanon 8 up to 108. A little sloppy here and there. Will keep it a couple more days. Still reviewing Fur Elise because I have a student working on an easier version of it. Can play it when I'm all alone and not nervous or distracted. Not much of a pianist, but I'm working on it. Didn't realize I'd end up playing so much piano or I would have worked on it more in college. I did pass my piano profiency with flying colors. Doesn't count for all that much when you have to play for the youth choir practice and lead them in singing at the same time and make sure they are behaving themselves. Nothing could have prepared me for that, I guess. I had to learn to sing and play at the same time while looking at the kids and nodding my head at their entrances. Sometimes I make big crashing mistakes, but I have also learned to overcome almost anything and keep going. Whew!

Can't believe there are 15 different fingerings for high G# on the clarinet. How to choose which one is best? Hmmm.

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