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Much Better

SarahJoshFan's picture
on July 15, 2005 - 9:39pm

Today I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." This was great; such a fun movie. Johnny Depp movies rock! Following the movie, I saw my best friend in a show called "The Working." It was intense and wonderful!! Friends make life so joyous. I know most of them through theater, too, and they're the best. I hope I can find as many wonderful people, majoring in MATH. Heehee...
This sounds really funny, but if you have time in the morning, I would suggest rountinely writing down your dreams. It's best to not talk or do anything right after you wake up, because you can remember SO much right when you wake up. I have been doing this for a few weeks, and already I've found amazing parallels and images that recur. It really tells me alot about what is on my mind, for real. Anyway, I have heard that a few other people do this too, and it's really cool. Something fun for the summer.
Another random thing I have done this summer involves translations to Josh's songs. It's great to go line by line, reading the translations, and listening to how Josh so well inflects meaning into the different languages. Amazing...

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