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MmmMMm Salt & Vinegar chips!

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on July 16, 2005 - 10:27am

Sitting here in the living room on my modified laptop - well it used to be a laptop until the screen had a serious meltdown and my HOG got me a monitor so I could still use it. And now I have attached a keyboard and a teenie, tiny, MINNIE MOUSE. It's so small that unless you're really looking you might not even see it! Hahahahaha!! Ok, it's not so small that it's a molecule or anything but .... What I'm doing is writing what I hope to be the final chapter of my Josh fanfic so that I can get started on another one that I have rolling around in my head. Oddly enough I tried posting in on and no one save for one or two people even read it but here it's been well received. I'm so happy about that, I love to write and Josh has certainly become one of my favorite subjects to write about. The best thing about him is that he's not evil. I have written a LOT of fanfics in the past and previously I wrote about Brett Scallions, the lead singer of the band Fuel. He's somewhat of an 'evil' character in the respect that he smokes cigarettes, drinks a lot, was a coke addict (and I'm not saying that I know any of this for rock hard fact but it's what's been said about him by people who know him) and a womanizer. Josh is none of those things so he's fun to write about. My little Duncan has left for the day with his father so writing and completing this project should not be a problem for me. Keep your fingers crossed that I get this done!!!!!

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