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Tony's in HOG Heaven

nathelle's picture
on October 27, 2005 - 6:06am

Monday and Tuesday, Tony and I went to a sound engineer's conference in Jacksonville. He forget his chiba, but I did not forget my Josh CD, so he listened to a whole cd finally.

He even sang along to You Raise Me Up. At the hotel I asked him if he would go with me to a Josh concert and he said he would because he enjoyed the cd and I told him that made him a HOG. I did point out that HOG's get more sex and he thought that was funny but true.

The seminar was good, but head is swimming with stuff about frequencies, dB, Hz, and all that scientific stuff about converting sound to signal back to sound. Oy! Got some good info on advanced mixing too. I messed with the sound board last night and Tony already sounds better. He wants me to sing with him but I'd rather run sound.

Gotta go to work!

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