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grobanite4788's picture
on November 22, 2005 - 7:41pm

Well, break is finally here. The Rice trip went okay. It seemed like forever to get there, like 3 and a half hours but it seemed a lot longer. I listened to Josh practically the whole way there and back which was awesome, but for a long time it smelled like rotten eggs which sucked bigtime. We got back at like 10:30 and took forever to say bye to our friends. I was just happy to get home after the long bus ride. There were many cute guys at Rice which was a major plus and we got to play pool in the student union with some guy friends. I don't feel all that well today but oh well. I actually got to sleep 12 hours last night compared to the 4 hours the night before. Well, got to go lay down or something b/c I am seriously hurting right now. Bye

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