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Is that scorpion shit I smell?

nathelle's picture
on December 7, 2005 - 12:39pm

Pete is stinking up the house sterilizing his sand in the oven from his scorpion tank. Is that scorpion shit I smell? Went and ordered the Christmas cards designed by Josh. Going to send them to all the people who tease me about being obsessed. Actually, I'll probably just send a few to some really lucky people since I don't usually send cards. I'm going to send one to Tony at work and write something he'll like inside so he has to suffer all day. he he (evil laugh).

Dyed my hair red - actually reddish for the play the day after tomorrow. Auburn is a nice color. 28 shampoos and I'll be back to brown.

It's so nice to have 4 hours of free time...Next day off is not until Sunday. I guess I should stop reading forums and get stuff done...take my Ginger dress in, get up in the attic and get the tree, find some clothes for church. Don't want to do any of it. It'll be a late night - tkd, church, rehearsal. Just want to find out who won so this agony will be over!

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