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secret santa

Roshie's picture
on December 7, 2005 - 7:49pm

one of my frinds gave me a Live at Greek DvD , which I already have a copy of it and watch it almost every day, so I thought I gave it to one of my coworkers that I'm supposed to be her secret santa ,then I was watching Josh Groban in concert this morning and I thought she is going to love this so I bought her a copy of that too , she loves Josh and I know this is going to be a perfect gift for her.
tonight at work was Josh's night again . we all decided since we're allowed to have our own music at work , each one of us can have our favorate music on certain nights , mine is wednesdays. and of course I have Josh's music on . every body with no exeption asks "who is this "? or "is this Josh Groban?" then we start talking about him and his voice. A lot of people know him now . I'm so happy that everyone also like him and he is getting more famous day by day.He deserve this.

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