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I wore my tight jeans...I am going to hell.

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on February 3, 2006 - 8:19pm

Spent the day working church/deli...then I ran sound at the women's retreat...The music was awful! I couldn't help them even with all the fancy gadgets I have in the sound room, they just sucked. Then Jan went up for the last song, so I cranked up her mic and turned everyone else down...Then Tony told me the ladies on the worship team were making fun of Jan. He said they probably got pissed I did that, but screw 'em. They sucked and I'll tell them to their faces. The lady with her own CD (She sucks the most) who thinks she's so great, kept saying spirit as spir rat except the rat part was like someone stepping on the cat. At first I thought there was something wrong with the equipment, then I realized it was just her. Every time the word spirit came up in a song, I muted her mic unfortunately you could still hear the RAT. I am so glad she's not on the real worship team. One more service to deal with them, and then they are done. Sure wish I could be in sound on Sunday instead of singing, but Tony's adamant about me being there with him. He says it's because he can count on me because I actually practice so I know where to come in, but he just wants everyone to see him standing next to me, "the hottest thing in church," which is not a big thing since most of the people are not particularly young or attractive. Don almost fell over himself when I walked in tonight, he he I wore my tight jeans...I am going to hell.

I didn't win the contest...some lady with 6 adopted kids won. That's okay, she deserved it and I'm glad she won. As part of the service, we went outside and released balloons with messages to God about what our dreams are. I wrote I want to be a well paid graphic artist then keep scribbling on my balloon different things like my email and a note about me being obsessed...No one will read went toward the Gulf of Mexico. I prayed as I let it go that my balloon would not kill a sea turtle, but land where someone would pick it up and throw it away.

I checked out the price of tickets to Rome...won't be going to Italy any time soon...but I just did one search. I had an idea today that I would let Tony think we are going to Las Vegas, but then surprise him by taking him to Rome instead. We both dream of going there. Unfortunately I don't think I could save that much money by September...I don't want to go to Las Vegas...I'd rather go to California. We have a deal that I'll go to any city on Josh's tour that he picks as long as we go to see Josh. He quoted something from Josh's DVD and I looked at him funny because he was never around when I watched. He told me he watched both. I'm floored.

Tony's watching a tribute to Queen. Freddie Mercury was so amazing...too bad he died. There was nothing he couldn't sing. I remember when I heard he'd died, I was very sad because I knew the world lost something really special even if not everyone knew it then. I sometimes imagine the future where today's music is considered "classical" and try to figure who would still be as known as Bach is today...I think Queen will be, the Beatles (yuk) Elton John - they're all from England too...Oh well getting late, I'm getting stupid.

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