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Bastards! It was a plot!

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on July 22, 2006 - 6:14am

The ship is gone. The outreach is over. I am in depression now. The outreach went well. We had a good time. I do this to myself every time. I get all excited and then when it's over, I crash. I knew it was coming. I tried not to be sad.

I had to get hit with a pie because the girls lost the offering contest. At first I thought the ushers made a mistake counting because there were a lot more girls than boys. Then last night Bob shows up and starts teasing me that he has a big offering. Aha! I've been sabotaged. Then the other members of my "fan club" start smiling evilly at me every time I walk by. Bastards! It was a plot. I guess it was okay since we got a really big offering. I just didn't feel like wearing whipped cream. I guess this would fit under the category of suffering for my faith. I wonder how big the offering would be if I had to streak across the stage naked if I lost...I am starting to hate my "fans."

Tuesday Tony and I are leaving for Orlando for the worship conference. I am really looking forward to spending some time alone with my number one fan. We are staying at the Peabody...a 4 star hotel. They have ducks that parade out in the morning to swim in the fountain in the lobby. Even though most of the time we'll be at the conference, it will be nice not to be making garlic rounds, or slicing ham, or counting pills, or answering the phone.

Brian and I are starting to plan the next event - Happy Birthday Jesus. This will only be one day. We were looking at the church calendar and found out we both planned ministry Christmas parties on the same day. We are going to combine the ministries, youth and TKD. We came up with the idea of a semi-formal for the youth with a sit down dinner. I asked Pete if he liked the idea and he said it would be cool to dress up. I hope the other kids like the idea. As far as HBJ, this should be cancelled, put to bed, dropped from the line up. It's not as well attended as it used to be. Too much work for so few people.

It's time to get to work for the last time...I have 8 days off from Winn Dixie! Yippee!!!! I hope I have a job when I get back.

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