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"That's Josh Groban singing. Isn't he amazing?"

nathelle's picture
on July 22, 2006 - 3:23pm

I worked pharmacy today. Last day before vacation. Thank God Jean was the pharmacist - she's a retard but she loves to wait on the customers while I do the pharmacists job. I like that.

Anyhow about one o'clock I got over to the deli and violated my own law about eating there. While I was talking to Mr. Kim, I hear Josh! At first I thought I was just hearing things, but then I realized it was "You're Still You" on the muzak. I yelled, "It's Josh!" and Mr. Kim goes, "Where?" "On the p.a. It's Josh!" By now I am really getting loud about it. I turned around to see who was standing around and I announce to all the customers in earshot (and beyond), "It's Josh! That's Josh Groban singing!"

I stood there like a Grobanite grinning from ear to ear and listening (I can't hear the muzak in the pharmacy), then I decided I'd just walk around the store and Grobangelize everyone. So I walked around looking for people telling them, "That's Josh Groban singing. Isn't he amazing?" and then I would keep walking. I'm sure they were staring at me, but I didn't care. I heard Josh at work! Too bad I wasn't near the phone to make an announcement to the whole store. By the time I thought of it the song was over.

I hope I hear that song again next time I work. I should considering they play the same ones over and over. I got it BAD!

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