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welcome to mr Jonesy

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on July 23, 2006 - 12:57am

my sister and helen have finally moved into their new house, well its more of a town house but its absolutely gorgeous. they already seem really happy their which is great. it has this whole beachy feel to it even though its on the main road and kinda in a busy area but you jsut feel really removed their.
The best thing of all is that they finally get to have a cat. so we welcomed Jonesy into the family yesterday. he is so beautiful reminds me of my cats growing up Turk and Ratty. Its great to have a cat in the family again, and i know eddy is just going to love him when we take her to visit.

Ellen's baby is due on thursday. I'm so excited. she's is such an inspiration I wish we were still as close as we used to be, but sometimes you can't help but grow apart. Sometimes it feels like I never get to see my old friends but i know that no matter what they will always be their for me, no matter how much time does pass.

had dinner at finnigans last night, with the old brookside gang which was a lot of fun. although i did get way too trashed but you know i hadn't had a drink for over 6 months now so i was realy entitled to one good night out. I must of looked really young cause they carded my own local..........i jsut looked at the guy, ummm do you realise i'm on your guinness honour board!!!!!!!!

anyway off to rest, my legs are killing today, but atleast my arthritis is doing better today, I can actually type without pain which is fabulous
le gra agus lireacan

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