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on August 16, 2006 - 1:19pm

well, the good news:
i am in fact in better shape for pre-season soccer than i had expected i would be. i've been out running six or seven times this summer, which isnt a lot, but it's enough.

more good news:
coach wilson said i am definately on varsity this season. yippee!!!

the not so good news:
he also said don't count on that much playing time :(. he acknowledges how hard ive been working though, and the fact that i havent played real soccer in about a year or two.

oh well. i love soccer, and ill be glad of what playtime i do get. its my senior year, i'm gonna enjoy myself. not to mention that this is a great way of getting my workout plan in geer. my muscles are aching after those sprints though. . .

well, enough whining. school starts again in eleven days, time to order school clothes, and i am chewing my finger nails in anticipation of the new album. josh, i love you, but how long is this album gonna take?! i don't wanna rush the creative process, but the tension and excitement is just killing me. well, ta ta 4 now.

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