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School Sucks.

vijaykumar's picture
on August 28, 2006 - 2:19pm

Okay... school sucked.

Like 15 kids left... and there aren't any new kids.

The new high school teacher/principal thingy... not really much to say about her. Unless she's in the Mennonite mafia or something, she just seems really quiet and boring...

Today we pretty much went over the rules, then sat outside and were bored. We had a pretty icky picnic for lunch... weird tasting hot dogs, pasta salad that no one wanted to eat, goopy taco salad, mud pudding with extremely weird-tasting spots (rosemary?), and some chips and stuff.
Johnny put all the stuff on a hot dog and poured soda on top. Emily ate some. Johnny said my sister and I look gothic in our uniforms.

Uhm... we also don't have lockers. We had open wood ones and they got wet and messed up. So they ordered new ones but they didn't come yet. They're supposed to come in like two weeks... and until then we can't bring backpacks. So I guess we can't bring CD players, since those need to be in our backpacks...

Then, there's my schoolwork.
I'm two years older than my sister and I'm in lower Math than my sister and 1 test ahead of my sister in English, and they gave me Biology even though I already had that when I was home schooled.

So, I'm either not graduating next year, or graduating next year with a crappy education.
Or my parents are gonna ask why I'm in lower work than my sister even though I'm older, smarter, and work harder.

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