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on September 5, 2006 - 8:23pm

Oh yeah.......remember that little "cold" I had? Heh, heh. I neglected it until I could no longer breath in. Last Thursday I finally went to MY doctor and said I was having a breathing problem. She held the stethascope up to my back and asked me to breath. I could barely do it. She said "YOU SOUND HORRIBLE!!" I immediately had to do a breathing treatment, then go for a chest xray. She said it wasn't pneumonia, but allergic bronchitis/astha. I got a steroid shot and steroids to take by mouth. I got 2 allergy pills and an inhaler to take as well.

Don't you hate it when people drone on about their health problems? I hate it to death and here I am doing it.

I'm TONS better today. But am seriously hyped up on steroids. (Those things make you evil), but help you get better at the same time.
and I'm weepy as heck too.

I pride myself on being a very rock solid strong person. Sunday morning in church our Pastor was speaking on why we don't get involved more. He said "Some of you have come to Grace because you know God wants you to worship, but you've been hurt in the past and you are protecting yourself, so you just want to get lost in the crowd."

I started crying which is just not me. What he said was so true. That is the VERY reason I hold back. I've been burned and I hate church people. I hate their little cliquish snobbish sanctimonious bullshit. I've seen it my whole entire life and I despise it. I'm so bitter.
The truth is church is where injured people need to be, so I know what I need to do - try to make a difference. Like I've said before, I don't need to see perfect, I just need to see nice and genuine. That's what would make the difference for me.

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