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An Idea To Emotions

vijaykumar's picture
on October 12, 2006 - 12:46am

I was in a place, at a time I really no longer remember, when the thought occured to me -- why are we a society that is so hung up on NOT engaging in the emotions that make us human? How many times have we heard someone say "Don't cry! If you start crying, I'll cry too!" But what would happen if instead, we said "Cry, and I will cry with you." What would that mean to the person who we were speaking to? What would that mean to each of us? It's much like the song -- "Don't give up/it's just the weight of the world/when your heart's heavy/I will lift it for you...if silence keeps you/i will break it for you... don't give up/it's just the hurt that you hide/when you're lost inside/i'll be there to find you...don't give up/ bc you want to burn bright/if darkness blinds you/i will shine to guide you..."
So what if we did just that? What if we allowed ourselves to accept what makes us who we are? To find not only strength in ourselves, but others? This song just seemed to fit so perfectly to that thought. A philosophy set to music? Perhaps and idea to emotions? I don't really know. I won't pretend to know. And let's face it, who really does?

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