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on the subject of winning tickets on the radio...

vijaykumar's picture
on November 16, 2006 - 6:24pm

this afternoon i won tickets to see josh groban on the radio. i'd been trying all week long only to be met with the uberannoying busy signal. so. today i was prepared. i had the number entered into my speed-dial, and i decided to give it another shot.

well. the radio station had started giving away tickets earlier this week. monday they were giving away a pair of tickets for the 5th row. tuesday was 4th row tickets. etcetera and so forth.

now. i was superthrilled to get my 8th row tickets from the FOJG presale yesterday.

but. after all the drama and frustration. and being unable to sign into the site for over 40 minutes. and watching the livenation website crash. and having to wait online hoping that my browser wouldn't idle and boot me off the site. and frantically searching around for links to help friends that couldn't log into FOJG access specific venues...i figured that i might as well try to see if i could win tickets on the radio.

so. as soon as jim conlee [the DJ] announced josh's name, i picked up my phone and hit the number 1 button [the speed-dial button that had the number programmed]. busy signal again! DARNIT! so i hung up and quickly redialed, but this time i got a recorded message - something about "network difficulties" and "unable to complete call". so. i hung up again and redialed. same message. i was about to give up and then i redialed. i got through!


jim sounded like a recorded message when he came on the line and he said, "hello, you're caller 9. you've won."

i almost wet myself.

i said, "OH MY JOSH! are you serious?"

he said yes and proceeded asking me 20 questions - name, address, last 4 digits of social security number, etcetera and so forth. we had a very brief conversation. apparently he was having difficulties with his computer, and i told him all about my experience yesterday with the presale. he was like "oh, so you sympathize with me?" i replied, "yeah, things will be much better tomorrow." he laughed and said, "you're probably right. and you're the first to know that at 5pm tomorrow we're going to start playing christmas music." that was just more awesome news for a grobanite who absolutely adores the holiday season.

he gave me a number to call tomorrow to find out how to collect my tickets, so i'll call them first thing tomorrow morning.

i'm so glad that our conversation wasn't done on the air; he actually took down all my information during a commercial break [or whatever they're called on the radio]. i was SQUEEing with delight and i couldn't even remember how old i was. lol. i was in shock. true story.

so. i've won my first radio contest ever. SECOND ROW seats for the josh groban concert in san antonio.

now. if only someone at the boards would get in touch with me about my email validation problems, i'd be able to sell my EIGHTH ROW seats.


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