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To be Awake

jlbrown3711's picture
on November 28, 2006 - 1:46pm

I wrote this a while back, wasn't sure if I ever posted it here or not..... anyway, I like it anyway........I guess you can figure out who inspired me at the time I did this.LOL.DUH!

What does it mean to be Awake?
Is it a feeling we cannot forsake?
Do we see with our own two eyes
or are we influenced from the skies?
Do we live forever with grace
letting the world see our face?
Not being afraid to expand our sights
peacefully dreaming of stars at night
Lending a hand to those in need
always planting in life a little seed
Watching people shine their way
learning the things they have to say
Smiling at them as they walked past you
Wouldn't it be great if they loved you to?
Wouldn't it be nice, to start a trend
of always making a brand new friend?
Finding ones path is not always so fun
but when you find it, its brighter than the sun
You look around at all of lifes winding roads
sometimes feeling the journeys heavy load
But if you close your eyes in fear
you might miss what might appear
So raise yourself up, and hear your choice
and be AWAKE, hear your voice

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